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Chess (Broadway, 1988) | Philip Casnoff and David Carroll


Chess (Broadway, 1988) | Philip Casnoff and David Carroll

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Introductions (Simple Board Game) + One Night in Bangkok — Sydney, Feb 1991

This is the one version of the show which takes place in Bangkok in both acts, Svetlana is there from the beginning, and Anatoly is involved in this song as well. Changed lyrics include:

FLORENCE (to Svetlana)
when you make good in any calling
suddenly half the world is falling
over itself to be your friend

that’s okay by me

ANATOLY (to Freddie)
"tough at the top", is that the cliche?
I have to learn, as nouveau riche —

- a new kid in town, you might not like
what you have to be

as well as

Bangkok! the lights concealing
silky thieves of reason, stealing
out before its victims waken
this is how the West was taken!

such deep political analysis, thank you Anatoly


… for some reason that line loses something when it’s not Freddie saying it.

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(570): Can I use your baby to go shoplifting? (x)

(570): Can I use your baby to go shoplifting? (x)

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someone at Diane von Furstenburg really likes the Chess logo:

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Actually Freddie’s WiFi name


Actually Freddie’s WiFi name

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Chess | original Broadway cast (1988)

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An early Christmas present- from the same “Save the Children Christmas” special that gave us the Les Miserables cast performing “Ding Dong! Merrily On High” comes “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”…sung by the cast of Chess.

Specific cast unfortunately unkown- I spotted Kevin Colson and I think Siobhán McCarthy in there, but couldn’t pick out anyone else. If anyone has any knowledge on the cast, it’d be much appreciated.

Enjoy what may be the best-surviving footage of the Original London Production of Chess we have today. 

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lately, although her feelings run just as deep
the promise she made has grown impossible to keep
and yet I wish it wasn’t so because he let their story die
will he miss me if I go? leaving her to wonder why

"Someone Else’s Story" was originally written for Florence for the Broadway production, though later productions often give it to Svetlana. Tim Rice wrote an alternate set of lyrics for the 1990 Sydney production (parts of which were used for Florence in the 1990 US Tour and the 1992 Off-Broadway production).

Despite Tim Rice’s comments that the 2008 Royal Albert Hall concert was intended to be the “definitive” version of the show, it did not use the rewritten Svetlana-specific lyrics to Someone Else’s Story. The original lyrics make little sense for Svetlana, since they indicate that she’s the one leaving Anatoly, instead of the other way around. 

LEFT: Maria Mercedes, from the 1990 Sydney production (x)
RIGHT: Kerry Ellis, from the 2008 concert at the Royal Albert Hall (x)

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Siobhán McCarthy, Svetlana in the Original London Production of Chess, singing I Know Him So Well at the 1987 Oliviers (x)

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Siobhán McCarthy & Elaine Paige, stars of the Original London Production of Chess, singing I Know Him So Well at the 1987 Oliviers (x)

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